Last week’s NetBeans reviews

1. Porting BeamTrons to J2ME — Sbeamdk, 3/24
Peter Boné, blogging from Denmark, took NetBeans 6 for a spin, porting his old BeamTrons game to J2ME. He was very impressed finding this version “really ground shaking and innovative.” As a self-described “UI Nazi,” he remarked, “The thing that struck me the most was that everything in the UI is SO polished!” He also wrote that the new deployment options are “so cool!”
Download NetBeans

2. Developing on the cheap — Chris A. Guiney’s LiveSpace, 3/24
Chris Guiney looked at some of the best development tools in the market, writing that “NetBeans is the best IDE in the Java based world, period!”

3. Eclipse 3.3 or NetBeans 6.0 – With Surprising Result — Adam Bien’s Weblog, 3/22
Adam Bien comments on the recent JavaWorld review by expressing surprise that the NetBeans editor was more highly rated. While he says that his own opinion about the NetBeans editor is similar, his perception is that many developers he knows prefer Eclipse. He also discusses how NetBeans should be rated higher for Enterprise Support because of its support of Java EE 5.

4. Eclipse vs. Netbeans — Some Of My Thoughts, 3/21
Frustrated with Eclipse’s rapidly degrading performance, James Kimble recently begun using NetBeans for basic editing with code completion. He found NetBeans’ plugin model to be “much better,” however he felt it lacked some of the features and stability of Eclipse. He plans to use both tools for now, and will wait to “see what wins out.”

5. Some Things I Like About NetBeans — Dave Briccetti’s Blog, 3/21
Dave Briccetti detailed what he likes about the NetBeans 6.1 beta including good Unified Modeling Language (UML) support and excellent documentation. Dave concludes, “With version 6.1, NetBeans has taken big steps forward in giving me what I want in an IDE. Where before I used Eclipse for everything except Swing GUI development, now I find myself using NetBeans exclusively for many projects, especially Web applications, for both the front and back ends.”

6. What IDE do you use – Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, or NetBeans — Sky is not the limit, 3/21
Tushar Joshi writes about how his use of Java programming tools evolved from notepad to Eclipse, but that he always has been open to exploring other IDEs. He first decided to use IDEA because of the strong user community, but more recently has been paying more attention to NetBeans because of the many articles and blog posts about it. He points about Matisse as a unique feature.


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