NetBeans reviews of the week

1. Netbeans 6.1 beta review — Heli’s Code, 4/9
Heli’s Code posted a review of the NetBeans 6.1 Beta from the perspective of a long time Eclipse user who has been trying to switch to NetBeans, frustrated with Eclipse’s lack of vision since 3.1. He wrote that “another reason for my pro-NetBeans motivation was the whole community creating and the more open approach.” He was impressed by Matisse, calling it the “best UI designer for Swing.”
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2. My top 10 reasons to use NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta — Netbeans, 4/8
    Eclipse Project using GUI designed from NetBeans IDE 6.1 Beta — Netbeans, 4/8
Tushar Joshi continues his blogging for the 6.1 contest by thinking through and posting on his personal top 10 reasons he loves NetBeans. Topping the list is the fact that NetBeans makes available everything he needs, followed by the modular structure and “curiosity for the unknown.”

In the second post, he details how his team uses NetBeans 6.1 for GUI work, despite the fact that his office mainly uses Eclipse. In his opinion, NetBeans has done a great job in providing the Eclipse Project Importer to allow seamless use of both IDEs. He then states that his team may opt for NetBeans in the future.

3. NetBeans 6.1 Beta: So good I don’t mind the minor bugs — GMJ Designs, 4/8
Mike Jennings blogged that due to a client request, he had the “exciting” opportunity to use the new NetBeans IDE. He wrote: “To my surprise, since I hated the old versions of NetBeans, the IDE blew me away. I am now so impressed with it that even some of the minor bugs that I encountered are not enough to stop me from using it.” He pointed out the “great Tomcat and Glassfish integration” and noted that if OC4J application server integration was incorporated, he “could use it for everything that I currently do.”

4. NetBeans 6.1 IDE Beta: WoW!!! — Tech Guru, 4/7
Shubham Gupta posted an enthusiastic blog detailing all the new features he likes in NetBeans 6.1. He appreciated that the beta supports hints of programming languages since he considers hints to be the most important feature of professional IDEs. He also welcomed the faster startup speed, smarter parsing and less memory consumption.

5. NetBeans 6.1 Beta Review —, 4/4
Mike Litherland posted an exhaustive, very technical review of the NetBeans 6.1 Beta. In a list of improvements, he included the improved startup speed, the dedicated MySQL support and that the JSF bean property completion works. He was concerned that the IDE uses 20% of his processor even when not in use. He concluded that “anytime the happy list is bigger than the unhappy list” to such an extent he is going to upgrade and encourage others to do so.

6. NetBeans on Swing under Linux — Ramon.Ramos, 4/3
Ramon Ramos states that it is time to stop complaining about the look and feel of Swing and NetBeans on Linux. He feels this way because of the availability of JDK 1.6 and NetBeans 6.0, which address the issues that have lead to the complaints historically. He then provides detailed guidance on how to configure NetBeans to address these issues.

7. How to continue working with Eclipse C project in NetBeans — NetBeans Zone, 3/30
Amit Saha walks his readers through the step-by-step process of how to work in NetBeans with C projects created in Eclipse. He demonstrates using NetBeans 6.1 beta and Eclipse Europa.


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