Interesting tidbits from Solaris developers and administrators…

1. Active-Passive bonding on Solaris 10 — Bart Verwilst a.k.a Bort, 4/9
Bart Verwilst shares his experience encountering network configuration problems with Solaris running on Sun’s X4150 server. Check out how he was able to fix the networking issue.

2. DTrace & the PID Provider: Feel the Power — Cuddletech, 4/7
Ben Rockwood ran and posted a sample script on his site, showing readers how DTrace uses symbols as probe functions and can look inside arguments passed in to these functions. He concludes saying that embedded static probes in code are nice but not a necessity, as evident from his simple DTrace script.

3. Data seg limit and crashing Sun C++ issue — C++/Java development on Solaris/x86, 4/5
The blogger writes about the issues he ran into with C++ compiler’s optimization options, and provides insight on how to fix the problem.

4. Deployment and Failover Study of HA MySQL on a Solaris Cluster — System News for Sun Users, 4/3
John McLaughlin writes about open source software, touting it as a better alternative to proprietary software. He posts a summary comparing performance and cost for Solaris, MySQL and OpenSPARC against competitive proprietary technology, showing that open source software comes out on top.


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