This Week’s NetBeans Developer Reviews…

1. 10 Things NetBeans must do to survive — NetBeans IDE 6.1, 4/16
Tushar Joshi reflects on a post by Matt Stephens who reviewed NetBeans version 3.0 on October 27, 2003. Intrigued, Tushar decided to compare each point to the current NetBeans IDE 6.1 version to check whether or not Stephens list was still accurate. He concluded that all points mentioned by Stephens are now covered by NetBeans IDE 6.1 and feels that if Stephens was to write about NetBeans current version then he would offer nothing but praise.
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2. NetBeans IDE 6.1 – AJAX Programing — NetBeans Blog, 4/15
This blogger writes about the new features and enhancements in NetBeans IDE 6.1 beta. He specifically calls out AJAX programming, mobile application programming and customizable code generation. The blogger explains that AJAX programming has become much simpler with JavaScript editor and jMaki support that provides a lightweight model when creating JavaScript centric Ajax-enabled web applications.

3. Tracing using NetBeans debugger. — SkadLog, 4/15
This Java developer writes about a great feature in NetBeans that saved him from having to case trace in runtime with System.out.printIn. He shares that breakpoints can be customized to act just like a trace in NetBeans preventing programs from stopping in the middle of a project.

4. Netbeans 6.1 Beta – Subtle Issues — The JJ Blogger, 4/14
In this blog, Josh Juneau shares the process of migrating Seam applications from 1.x to 2.0.1. In doing so, Josh himself ran into a few issues when he attempted to deploy an application to his test environment running on Glassfish V2. He explained that if repackaging and changing libraries for existing applications within NetBeans you must Right click on the project, and choose properties. He noted that this was not a huge issue, but one he was not aware of when he started migrating.

5. Working with Java Free-Form Projects in NetBeans IDE — NetBeans Zone, 4/14
Amit Saha gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the "Java Free-Form Project" feature in NetBeans 6.1 beta to take care of project build as project sizes increase. Amit uses a small scale Java project using Ant for building purposes as an example for when to use this helpful feature.

6. NetBeans 6.1rc1 – nice, indirect support for Eclipse / NetBeans RCP DataBinding (for the model layer) — Adam Bien’s Weblog, 4/14
Adam Bien discovered that NetBeans 6.1rc1 automatically generates the Java Code, including the properties and accessors necessary to bind the Java Persistence API (JPA) layer to the user interface objects.

7. New Platform Application development support in 6.1 RC1 — NetBeans – Thru a novice perspective, 4/13
    Embedded development Support in NetBeans? — NetBeans – Thru a novice perspective, 4/9
Jay Mahadeokar blogged about stumbling upon the module support for NetBeans Platform Application development, what he considered "the most striking feature" of the NetBeans 6.1 RC1 pack. He also suggested support for embedded development in NetBeans.

8. NetBeans 6.1beta and dev-src — Xykon’s Weblog, 4/11
The blogger wrote that after downloading the 6.1 beta, he started building NetBeans for the first time, and was "positively amazed" at many of the changes. As a developer under both Windows and Linux, he said he can’t live without the "superb" shared library functionality and was eager to explore the many new modules. He was so optimistic about NetBeans’ future that he removed Eclipse from his computers.

9. NetBeans IDE 6.1 Release Candidate 1 Now Available — Jinath Sanjitha’s Blog, 4/11
Jinath Sanjitha hailed NetBeans 6.1 as "the best Java IDE," citing faster startup speed, improved code completion, the Spring Framework 2.5 library and the JSF CRUD Generator. After providing some links to NetBeans 6.1 tutorials, he stated, "at last I have to say is that it’s the best Java IDE I’ve ever used and it rocks now."

10. Create reverse Ajax Web-Applications with DWR and NetBeans — Another Random Developer Blog, 4/9
In this blog, Siegfried Bolz details how to create a reverse Ajax Web-Application using NetBeans 6.1 beta while running on GlassFish V2. Siegfried included screen shots throughout the tutorial and mentioned that he encountered one minor problem with Internet Explorer — the "Get Stocks" button does not work. He noted that it works correctly in Firefox, Opera and Konqueror and believes Internet Explorer must be experiencing a JavaScript error somewhere.

11. Java IDEs – NetBeans vs Eclipse vs JDeveloper — Indic Threads, 4/7
Harshad Oak, a veteran NetBeans and JDeveloper user, compares Eclipse to NetBeans 6.1 beta and JDeveloper. He was very impressed with NetBeans 6.1 beta and decided to make a list of comparisons between all three IDEs.


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