This week’s OpenOffice user reviews

1. How To Make OpenOffice Load Faster — Windows Linux Mac, 4/15
Eric said that is a great alternative to MS Office and detailed how users can improve OO.o’s load speed with a series of memory tweaks.

2. And so, i changed — Nuno Silva, 4/14
After experiencing numerous recurring problems with MS Office 2007, Nuno Silva switched to He conceded that “Office 2007 is more visually attractive than OO.o,” but “at least OO.o works.”

3. OpenSource Alternatives — Dive in to OpenSource, 4/14
Jayyy placed at the top of a list of alternatives to proprietary software. He described OO.o as “a multiplatform and multilingual office suite and an open source project” that is compatible with all major office suites and is free to download, use and distribute.

4. 2.4 Release… the best office suite for free — Tourhag, 4/13
The blogger wrote that 2.4 is one of the best alternatives to MS Office, noting improvements made in compatibility, security, stability, functionality and graphics.


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