Interesting Sun product reviews…

1. MySQL backups using ZFS snapshot — O’Reilly Databases, 4/11
Paddy Sreenivasan posted on how to install, configure, backup and restore MySQL databases using Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL on Open Solaris. He used ZFS snapshots to do full backups.

2. Setting Queue Depth for Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Storage — Storage World @ Cyberjaya, 4/11
Amzi Yahaya blogged about setting queue depth for the Sun StorEdge 9900 series storage arrays. While the array can accommodate up to 1024 queued commands per fiber port, and up to 32 queued commands per Logical Unit Number (LUN), Amzi pointed out that the default settings for Solaris permit the queue depths to be exceeded, which may result in poor performance. He then went on to detail ways in which to configure the system to prevent queue overruns.

3. Found a new OpenSource VM software – VirtualBox — SolidMode, 4/15
Kevin Wei wrote a post itemizing the various features of VirtualBox including its modular design, the guest addition for Windows and Linux and the Virtual USB Controller, among others.

4. Vista sp1 installed in Virtualbox on Ubuntu — Works, ha ha, 4/14
Cross Zheng explained how to resolve the issue that Windows Vista does not have the network driver required by VirtualBox.

5. VMWare vs VirtualPC vs VirtualBox — John Mee, 4/14
John Mee blogged that he tried VirtualBox when he heard that it can handle arbitrary screen sizes. He then listed the pros and cons of VMWare Player, Virtual PC 6.0 and VirtualBox, noting that although VirtualBox has an attractive GUI, is portable and has a useful snapshot feature, it has poor community support.


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