OpenSolaris reviews of the week

1. OpenSolaris: NOT what Ubuntu hopes to be. — hackferret, 5/25
Ferret Simpson wrote about his experience using OpenSolaris 2008.05, stating that GNOME on OpenSolaris seems better themed, and more stable than on Linux, but is a little less featured as a desktop environment. Ferret wrote that the OpenSolaris’ Live CD was far more impressive than Ubuntu, with its Device Driver Utility making it easy to view device support in the system and download drivers for hardware after the installation. However, Ferret pointed out the lack of drivers on the CD.

2. OpenSolaris 2008.05 — Mandalika’s scratchpad, 5/24
Giri Mandalika posted a review of OpenSolaris 2008.05, writing that Sun is making good progress with the project and expressed his hope that OpenSolaris continues to get better with each new release. Giri said that he was impressed with the Network Auto-Magic feature, which detected and configured the available Wi-Fi networks in the first try. However he noted that he was unable to bring up the NWAM GUI. He was also impressed with the way the Live CD mounted the existing file systems on /mnt/solaris* mount points.

3. OpenSolaris 2008.5 Isn’t So Bad — BlogFranz, 5/24
Matthew Franz blogged that OpenSolaris has come a long way from its ugly console based incarnation in the 90s, pointing out that it now has a nice GNOME based LiveCD, 32/64 bit file systems and decent package management. Matthew also listed what did not work when he installed OpenSolaris on his T-61 including Xen Dom0, VirtualBox/xVM and sound. Matthew said that he thought it odd that the JDK isn’t installed, but added that fonts look better than most Linux distributions and “seems quite snappy.”

4. Open Solaris ... — thoughts of a knowledge geek, 5/23
Doug Moncur tested OpenSolaris 2008.05 soon after it was released, saying that he had serious issues while installing the OS and only managed to install it using VirtualBox after much trial and error. In Doug’s opinion, the OpenSolaris user interface is slick but no better and no worse than Synaptic. In his conclusion Doug said that although OpenSolaris seems to be a competent OS, it does not offer enough to motivate him to switch from Ubuntu.

5. Making Solaris Packages from Commercial Software — Mike Renfro’s Blog, 5/21
Mike Renfro demonstrated how to make Solaris packages from commercial software. Mike said that he used Blastwave and pkg-get to create his results.


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