User reviews of

1. Make OpenOffice Sexy, port RedOffice — Ubuntu brainstorm, 6/3
Liam McBermott wrote that a “fantastic” front-end to OpenOffice has been developed, noting that it is only available for Windows but will be ported to Linux shortly.

2. Download Missing Templates for OpenOffice —, 5/30
Joe M. wrote that is a “fantastic” Office Suite but stated that one of the biggest complaints from users is its lack of templates. He provided a link to download templates that are missing in OpenOffice and stated that he assumes Sun will include templates in future installations. Joe concluded: “I love the function that OpenOffice provides. The issue of missing templates does not bother me. It’s not a monotonous ordeal to add these in.”

3. OpenOffice.Org — Open Source Rocks, 5/30
Tarun Brari called “one of the main stars of the Open Source Initiative.” He highlighted that it is a full featured office suite, is free and available for a number of platforms and how it was the first major electronic format to have an ISO certification. Tarun also gave a brief overview of OO.o’s applications: Writer, Impress and Calc.


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