NetBeans reviews and “tips & tricks”

1. Developing Java ME on Mac OS X — JustDev, 6/10
A great step by step description of how to set up a mobile development environment with NetBeans, J2ME Mobility Pack, Visual Designer, Mpowerplayer emulator and optional java packages.
Download NetBeans

2. Select your IDE NetBeans vs Eclipse — Java By Example, 6/10
Rajesh compares NetBeans and Eclipse. In his opinion, NetBeans is a clear winner feature-wise but Eclipse has its pockets of strength as well. Overall, he feels NetBeans has a better future than Eclipse.

3. Setting Up Rails Development Environment on Windows Vista/XP — Every Flavour Beans, 6/9
Iqbal Tabrez demonstrates how to set up Rails on a Windows machine using Ruby, RubyGems, Rails, Mongrel, MySQL, NetBeans and Subversion as part of the development stack.

4. Eclipse weirdness, NetBeans to the rescue — Full of leaves, 6/9
David Hovemeyer wrote that after doing a hardware upgrade on his home PC, Eclipse stopped working. He decided to try NetBeans instead for Java development, noting that NetBeans had improved greatly since the last time he used it.

5. A little voodoo magic in NetBeans: hot deployment web application — Messages from mrhaki, 6/9
Hubert Ikkink blogged that while working on a Maven-based web project in NetBeans, he forgot to run mvn war:exploded before he refreshed the web page. However, to his surprise NetBeans had already copied his changes so Tomcat could pick it up. Ikkink noted: “Wow! This really speeds up my development by factors.”

6. ESRI GIS Programming using ArcObjects and NetBeans — Orama’s Blog, 6/7
The blogger is new to NetBeans, but he was able to use NetBeans without much difficulty. He wrote simple applications including desktop applications, web applications running on Tomcat or GlassFish servers, and will soon be able to create mobile applications using Java Mobility.

7. NetBeans IDE for PHP — Talk Nerdy to Me, 6/6
Gavin Vickery recently came across the PHP plugin for NetBeans, and after using the IDE for only two days he found it “a breeze to use.” Gavin highlighted that NetBeans came packed with features, yet is still flexible enough to be a simple PHP editor with syntax highlighting.

8. Using Adobe Flex with NetBeans — the rasx() context, 6/5
The blogger noted that he can run NetBeans 6.1 and Eclipse Europa side-by-side for PHP projects, but he was attracted to NetBeans because “NetBeans has the most superior JavaScript IDE support on the planet.” He commented that he liked the concept of the PHP Project “sources” in NetBeans 6.1, feeling it was “a cleaner separation than the .project, /.cache and /.settings stuff generated by Eclipse among the Web files.”

9. NetBeans and default JDK — Krypt.’s road to hell…, 6/4
The post gives a detailed “tips and tricks” on how to change the default JDK in NetBeans 6.1 for Mac OS X.

10. Notes on NetBeans 6.1 — Echo One, 6/4
Robert Rees blogged on the pros and cons of NetBeans 6.1. Overall, he stated that he was very happy with the experience, highlighting that NetBeans is fast, managing Modules is easy, JavaScript support is excellent and NetBeans is seamlessly integrated with his existing Tomcat installation.


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