This week’s Sun xVM VirtualBox reviews

1. Virtualization with VirtualBox 1.6.2 —, 6/15
Patrik Karlsson had been running VirtualBox and VMware in parallel for almost a month and saw some positive and negative features with both. For Patrik, VirtualBox felt considerably faster, specially for suspending and resuming guest systems. He highlighted VirtualBox’s Seamless mode feature and also commented on an issue he had with USB drivers in version 1.6.2.

2. Converting from VMware to VirtualBox — peebeebaynut, 6/15
After being bombarded by VMware error messages and license expiration alerts, this blogger decided to switch to VirtualBox, and he had a nice experience.

Sun xVM VirtualBox
3. VirtualBox: Is it a Necessity or a Gadget? — Virtualization Team (Blog), 6/14
The blogger noted that VirtualBox was much more reactive than its competitor, VMware, while remaining very easy to configure and use. The blogger commented that VirtualBox provided an answer to using MS Windows on Ubuntu.

4. Sun xVM Virtual Box — polywogsys, 6/13
While figuring out how to get Linux to boot off of a software RAID device, the blogger decided to use VMware, but encountered a problem when VMware crashed every time it tried to load Fedora 9. The blogger then tried VirtualBox, which he noted was "freaking cool!" The blogger highlighted that he was loving VirtualBox’s builds for many distros, resulting in no more updates.

5. VirtualBox 1.6.2: Open Source Virtualization for Macs — O’Reilly Digital Media Blog, 6/11
Todd Ogasawara commented that he installed VirtualBox on a Core 2 Duo based iMac running Leopard and ran into an problem on the installer’s information text page. However, Todd noted that he was very impressed with the long list of supported Guest OS’s in the Create New Virtual Machine wizard and was able to install Windows 2000 easily and smoothly. Todd concluded, "VirtualBox doesn’t have all the bells and whistles found in VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop. On the other hand, it is free (for personal/evaluation use at least) and Open Source. And, it seems to run the target systems I’m interested in (Windows and Linux) on my Mac."

6. VirtualBox – Good alternative to VMware, Microsoft tools — Technology Products & Tips, Industry News & Updates, 6/10
The blogger highlighted that VirtualBox existed as both an open source and commercially-licensed product, with editions available for Windows, OS X and Linux. He noted that the emulation was a bit snappier, even without the guest additions, and that VirtualBox’s graphics adapter emulation worked a little better than previous versions. The blogger concluded: "VirtualBox is mainly for desktop and light server use. It’s not a full-fledged managing hypervisor solution; at least, not yet."


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