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NetBeans Developer Reviews

July 31, 2008

1. Kudos for NetBeans exception reporting — Van Couvering Is Not a Verb, 7/28
David Van Couvering is impressed by the way NetBeans handled reporting an exception, adding that it improves the quality of the product. David cited a post by another blogger, who held the same opinion.
Download NetBeans

2. Netbeans 6.5m1 – accidentally in production for two and half weeks… — Adam Bien’s Weblog, 7/28
Adam Bien accidentally used the 6.5m1 for all his projects for two and a half weeks, and noted that it worked surprisingly well. When Adam switched back to 6.1, he felt it was a little slower than 6.5 and so in the end, he switched back to 6.5m1.

3. Scala, NetBeans, Maven, and yes, Lift now — Caoyuan’s Blog, 7/28
Caoyuan Deng reports that Maven for NetBeans had done excellent work for Maven’s project integration with proper class path supporting and indexing, and that the Scala editor is well aware of auto-completion.

4. Understanding Qhull: Part #1 — Adam V’s Blog, 7/27
Adam Verslyap was trying to understand enough of the qhull suite of programs to code higher dimensional computational geometry package, and decided to overcome issues he was facing by using a debugger. He heard that NetBeans had added C/C++ support. Adam gave it a try and concluded that NetBeans was very useful for qhull.

5. NetBeans plugin for BlackBerry JDE 4.5.0 — Andrea’s Mobile Portfolio, 7/24
Andrea discovered a NetBeans plug-in for JDE that automatically created right files in right directories without any manual "correction," which made her work much easier.

6. 5 Things I Like Better about Visual Studio then NetBeans — Elegant Code, 7/22
Jim Hoffman listed five features of Visual Studio that he preferred to NetBeans. Suggestions for improvements…


Linked In (… Via Sun) !!!

July 30, 2008

LinkedIn, the largest professional networking site with more than 25 million users, has added Sun’s MySQL Enterprise database subscription to their existing infrastructure of Sun SPARC Enterprise servers running Solaris 10.
(Logo courtesy: LinkedIn )

Why did they choose Sun? Let’s hear straight from the horse’s mouth. 🙂

"LinkedIn has continued to see incredible growth among professionals spanning all sectors looking to build and leverage their networks. As a leader in our field, we are committed to providing the best service to our users, and a web experience that meets members expectations and that starts with IT," said Jean-Luc Vaillant, Chief Technology Officer, LinkedIn. "The combination of Sun and MySQL means quicker access to the latest innovation in an open and reliable environment and this saves me time and money."

Happy networking!!!

Student Perspectives on Open Source

July 30, 2008

Ashwin Bhat and Ritwik Ghoshal, the two winners of the previous Sun Student Reviews Contest, were recently invited by the Sun News Radio to discuss their views on open source. Check out Sun News Radio to listen what their experiences are so far, what open source community activities are happening at their universities and a whole lot more.

The segment is located here.

Sun News Radio

CRN’s OpenOffice review

July 22, 2008

CRN’s Samara Lynn took a look at 3.0 ahead of its launch to see what it brings to the table. Overall, she is pleased with the suite, noting, "there is still plenty to admire about — the fact that it is free probably being the most endearing to the masses. The application suite, in a pinch, has proven itself as a viable option to Microsoft’s Office."

Samara installed on a PC running Microsoft Vista as well as Office 2007. She was quite pleased with the file download and the quick install time. She examined the four main applications in the suite, noting feature enhancements as well as file interoperability with Office 2007.

In all, a solid review of 3.0 Beta.

Sun — the Olympic champion infrastructure provider!!!

July 21, 2008

Beijing Olympics is just around the corner, and we are in it too!

Sun is providing the technology platform to NBC Universal for its Olympic web site,, during the network’s coverage of the 2008 Olympics.

Powered by 160 Sun Fire X4450 and Sun Fire X4150 servers, NBC’s online coverage of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing will set a new standard in delivering digital content to viewers with live streaming of events, video archives of completed events, blogs, live chat, athlete profiles and many other unique features.

Olympic fans will have access to approximately 2,200 total hours of live streaming of 25 different sports! -- powered by Sun

(Image courtesy : NBC)
Sun’s infrastructure solutions will be working extra hard to make sure you’ve a pleasant web-experience of the 2008 Olympics.

Go Sun, GO!!! 🙂

Tips from MySQL practitioners

July 20, 2008

1. Dump and Restore mysql database using unix/shell command — Deena Chandra, 7/15
Deena Chandra shares a method to dump and restore a MySQL database from the command line.

2. Transaction in MySQL — In the free world, but not in free mind., 7/15
Yongsub Chung’s department is using MySQL 5.0 and he blogs about migrating current work stored in PostgreSQL to MySQL.

3. MySQL Analysis Tools — StyleFeeder Tech Blog, 7/15
The blogger experienced odd performance issues with some MySQL queries since moving over to InnoDB. He turned to the new O’Reilly title High Performance MySQL to track down the problem. The blogger also shared some of his favorite suggestions from the book.

4. Enterprise implies upwards compatibility — High Availability MySQL, 7/14
Mark Callaghan thinks that MySQL is good about supporting upwards compatibility with the exception of replication. Mark feels that replication issue should be fixed as production upgrades usually require running the new version first on a slave.

5. Mutex contention and other bottlenecks in MySQL — PrimeBase XT, 7/14
Paul McCullagh was working on improving the concurrency performance of PBXT. However, Paul realized that MySQL itself had some problems and he had to remove some of the bottlenecks in MySQL in order to continue the optimization of PBXT. Paul then demonstrated the potential for concurrency optimization in MySQL.

6. MySQL UUID() function, so fast it makes me nervous — Mark Atwood, 7/14
Mark Atwood was hacking around in the MySQL server code, and took a look at the implementation of the UUID() function. He was surprised by how fast the MySQL internal implementation was. User Reviews

July 19, 2008

1. OpenOffice 3.0 Promises to Bash Office — MedCom Professional Services, Inc., 7/15
The blogger noted that is the result of over twenty years of software engineering and that it has a consistency other products cannot match. The blogger pointed out how easy is to learn and use, highlighting that best of all — OpenOffice is free.

2. OpenOffice to the Rescue — Terry’s Computer Tips, 7/13
While providing a solution to a customer’s needs, Terry Stockdale recommended trying OpenOffice if the user needed a full-function word processor. Terry highlighted that the OpenOffice suite includes a word processor that reads and writes Microsoft Word files, a spreadsheet program that reads and writes Microsoft Excel files and an equivalent to PowerPoint that reads and writes PowerPoint files. Terry concluded: "Last, but not least, OpenOffice is free!"

Positive VirtualBox reviews from InformationWeek and ComputerWorld

July 18, 2008

On the heels of CRN review, more positive reviews of VirtualBox have appeared in two leading publications — InformationWeek and ComputerWorld.

InformationWeek did a comparative review of major virtual machine applications for individual users from VMware, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems, as well as Fabrice Bellard’s QEMU 0.9.1.

VirtualBox ranked quite well, garnering the following statement from the author, "I’ll own up to a prejudice right away: VirtualBox is my personal favorite of all the applications listed here. It’s open source, it’s freely available for personal use, it has a great range of smartly designed features, and it runs transparently on multiple architectures."

Sun xVM VirtualBox
InformationWeek concluded that "while VMware sports the best overall range of features, both big and small, VirtualBox is rapidly becoming a serious contender if it isn’t one already. Its licensing is far less restrictive, and it only differs in functionality in ways that will be important to a minority of users."

ComputerWorld reviewer Martin Brown took a look at VirtualBox, and he has posted his first blog review. Martin is now considering VirtualBox as a potential replacement for Parallels in order to take advantage of VirtualBox features that he was interested in. He noted, "we finally have a VM implementation that is as capable on Solaris as it is on Windows, OS X and Linux."

Overall, two very favorable reviews of VirtualBox.

This week’s NetBeans developer reviews

July 17, 2008

1. IntelliJ to NetBeans:Flipping the switch, Tip 1 — MCODER, Swapnonil Mukherjee’s Blog, 7/13
Swapnonil was a veteran NetBeans user. However, after using IntelliJ for 5 years, he found picking up NetBeans a bit challenging. To make the transition easier, Swapnonil posted the link to an IntelliJ Key Map that will make NetBeans feel more like IntelliJ.
Download NetBeans

2. Loving Ruby on Rails — Smarter Sheep, 7/13
Jeff Bull enjoys Ruby and Rails development and NetBeans is his editor of choice. His conclusion: "Coming from a .net world where we have had some amazing editors that I often took for granted, I found it hard to find a good editor for PHP and rails, but NetBeans is amazing so far and I am quite impressed."

3. NetBeans good, VMware good, Rim bad — Jonathan H Fisher, 7/13
Jonathan Fisher calls NetBeans 6.5 Milestone 1 "completely awesome." With the new PHP support, he can make a database-driven site for the PariPassu project in an environment he is comfortable with. Jonathan congratulates the NetBeans team on making his work easier.

4. NetBeans RCP shell scripts permissions — Code Snakes, 7/12
Allan Davis comments that users often need to include shell scripts while building an RCP application in NetBeans. However, in Linux, the build zip command dropped the executable permission off the scripts. Allan goes on to provide a simple solution to this issue.

5. Change local in NetBeans IDE — Paul’s Document Repository, 7/12
Paul Deng prefers to use the English version of the NetBeans IDE even though he has an operating platform in Chinese. While he downloaded and installed an English version of NetBeans, the labels and menus were still in Chinese. Paul found a solution for changing the NetBeans local to English.

6. Ruby on Rails in NetBeans — Full of leaves, 7/11
For David Hovemeyer, NetBeans has replaced Eclipse as his favorite IDE. He likes the Ruby on Rails support within NetBeans. David was able to quickly create and run migrations, create some controllers and views, and launch the application.

7. First Week With NetBeans 6.5M1 – Some Smoke – But Interesting Directions — Adam Bien’s Weblog, 7/11
Adam Bien listed his observations of NetBeans 6.5M1 and highlighted that "The first week with NetBeans 6.5m1 worked really smoothly for me." Adam noted that the whole 6.1 configuration including databases, servers and project groups was recognized and reused, and that the deployment of Java EE 5 to GlassFish v2 worked well. He also appreciated that Groovy was seamlessly integrated.

8. 5 Things I like better about NetBeans than Visual Studio — Elegant Code, 7/10
Jim Hoffman lists his favorite NetBeans features that are missing in Visual Studio. Jim’s conclusion: "I love these features and when working in Visual Studio I really miss them and can tell they affect my productivity."

CRN: Firefox of virtualization?

July 16, 2008

Late yesterday ChannelWeb/CRN’s Test Center published a positive review of VirtualBox as a follow-on to its comparative hypervisor roundup published a month ago.

In this evaluation, reviewer Samara Lynn handed out great compliments: "… accolades must go to Sun. In the Test Center, it has been the one desktop virtualization product that provided almost no thorny issues setting up a Linux virtual machine on a Vista host."

CRN likened VirtualBox to another great open source project — Mozilla Firefox. According to Samara, "In many ways, the product is comparable to the browser: it’s available under a general public license, delivered with an API set for customization and is cross-platform. With 5 million downloads, VirtualBox is not going unnoticed."

Sun xVM VirtualBox
Samara goes on to differentiate the product from other’s in the market, stating, "The product is unique in the fact that it is not dependent on virtualization-capable processors. In fact, the vendor claims that their software-based virtualization can offer faster performance under certain workloads."

Overall, a very positive review of VirtualBox 1.6.2!