OpenSolaris Reviews

1. OpenSolaris 2008.05 storage server —, 7/27
The blogger replaced his original storage server system with Solaris in order to utilize Sun’s ZFS. Check out his experiences.

2. OpenSolaris — Linux Blog, 7/27
Trying OpenSolaris on his desktop computer as an experiment, this blogger found the install process flawless. The system was ready for daily work immediately after installation, but the sound card wasn’t recognized.

3. OpenSolaris 2008.11 PreInstalled. — Dell IdeaStorm, 7/26
The blogger advocated OpenSolaris because of its "unique features like the new Image Packaging System (IPS), ZFS as the default filesystem, DTrace enabled packages for extreme observability and performance tuning, and many, many more."

4. New to OpenSolaris 2008.05 – I was — This and that about computer stuff …, 7/23
The blogger decided to try OpenSolaris because of the good press ZFS was getting. His installation was smooth, and he liked the Integrated Package System (IPS) that OpenSolaris has introduced.

5. ZFS on Disk Images: The Ultimate Simulation — OS Holes, 7/22
Anand Gupta installed ZFS on a series of disk images and everything worked flawlessly. He tested ZFS RAID setups and their fault tolerance virtually without trashing any hardware.


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