Views and Tips from MySQL Experts

1. Upper case and lower case strings with MySQL — The Electric Toolbox, 7/29
Chris Hope explained how to convert a string to lower case or upper case with MySQL. He qualified his examples saying that he only looked at the UPPER/UCASE and LOWER/LCASE functions for converting strings to upper and lower case.
2. MySQL Is Easier to Administer than PostgreSQL — In Search of Everything All at Once, 7/29
The blogger opined that although PostgreSQL was the first open source database to have advanced features, MySQL had always been easier to administer and generally easier to use. After years of working with both, he found backups and restores — even the complex binary ones done with LVM — had been easier on MySQL.

3. MySQL Community Version — The Pythian Group Blog, 7/28
Sheeri Cabral discussed the differences between the MySQL Community Version and its Enterprise counterpart. She pointed out that the difference between the two versions wasn’t that the Community version was free and allowed community patches. She felt that if the Community release was made as an older version of an Enterprise release, Enterprise users would still get value in having bugs fixed and features added first, and Community users can choose to upgrade if they want the latest features.

4. Install Native MySQL Gem – Edge Rails Stopped Including It — Nobody Listens Anyway, 7/28
While trying out the latest Rails offering on MySQL, Justin Ball realized that the MySQL driver for Rails had been removed from Rails 2.2. He was prompted to install the MySQL Gem. After a failed attempt, Justin managed to get the MySQL Gem to work.


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