OpenSolaris experiences…

1. OpenSolaris Review — Open Source Rocks, 8/5
Tarun Brari wrote a brief overview of OpenSolaris’ features, noting that while the Solaris 10 OS was not meant for home users, OpenSolaris is. "This OpenSolaris CD is worth a try. And I forgot to mention that it has full support for the mighty ZFS (Zettabyte File System)," concluded Tarun.
2. Good adventures with OpenSolaris — Ramblings, 8/5
Stewart Smith recommended that users completely ignore the 2008.05 release of OpenSolaris and go for the build 93 image. He felt that this release was certainly in much better shape than the May release, but it’s still a work in progress.

3. OpenSolaris as a boot server — /dev/dump, 8/3
Garrett D’Amore upgraded to the latest version of OpenSolaris, and detailed the steps he had to follow to set it up as a boot server.

4. An OpenSolaris Home Server — A Caramel Breeze, 7/31
The blogger had replaced his old home file server with a newer and faster system. He is trying OpenSolaris for many reasons: it is free and has ZFS, Zones and lots of other goodies.


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