OpenSolaris nuggets

1. Solaris reboot with no message — Creek’s Scratch, 8/11
Jajang Kavita saw his Solaris server rebooting without any message left in /var/adm/messages. He gives clues of how to get these messages from ALOM, and finds that something has happened to the system board.
2. Changing Solaris Run Levels And Clearing Up Some Common Misconceptions — The Linux and Unix Menagerie, 8/11
Mike Tremell has a detailed post on "run level 4" and how it has evolved over time.

3. Solaris, OpenSolaris, Nevada, Indiana, SXDE, SXCE – What? — Fukien, 8/10
The blogger writes on what different Solaris versions and distributions actually exist, and what the differences are amongst them.

4. OpenSolaris snv_94 — Andrnils’s Weblog, 8/10
After returning to using OpenSolaris, Andreas Nilsson noticed that compiz was running a lot smoother. He also liked the reboot option that was added in the list of options available while turning off.

5. A month of ZFS under Linux —, 8/8
Sean Reifschneider set up a new Linux machine to migrate 3TB worth of ZFS snapshots from an OpenSolaris system that he had been having problems with. He found that the zfs-fuse daemon died during one of the sends, which was something that had never happened on OpenSolaris. Overall, Sean had mixed results.

6. Stunning OpenSolaris running on VirtualBox — James Selvakumar’s Blog, 8/7
James Selvakumar decided to try out OpenSolaris using VirtualBox. After installing and using the OS for a while, James commented, "Overall, I was very impressed with OpenSolaris and looking forward to use it for my Java development. The user interface is slick and easy to use."


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