NetBeans Reviews

1. Current winner for JSF development: NetBeans — Musings by Seref Arikan, 9/8
Seref Arikan was porting a Google Web Toolkit project and said, "I have to admit it that none of the choices I’ve tested on Eclipse is a match for NetBeans 6.1." According to Seref, the solutions on the Eclipse platform for JSF development aren’t very intuitive.
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2. Getting back into java using NetBeans — Development and Stuff, 9/8
Marius van Zundert said that when he had first worked with NetBeans, it had been buggy and slow, and he had been forced to do his Java work on Eclipse in spite of the many incompatibility issues that cropped up. Now however, Marius wrote, "things have changed, because I’ve been working with NetBeans for the last couple of weeks (both Mac and Fedora versions) and I rather like using it. It’s quick, easy to setup and doesn’t have some of the buggy things we take for granted with the Eclipse IDE."

3. Diffing Files In NetBeans 6.5 – In Favourites, Without projects — Adam Bien’s Weblog, 9/7
Adam Bien wrote a small comment on how easy it was to diff two files, without even having or creating a project in NetBeans. "NetBeans opens a nice diff view, which allows even moving different blocks back and forth between the two files," wrote Adam.

4. Mavenized projects in NetBeans 6.1 — Java and more …, 9/6
Peter Karich had Mavenized timefinder to allow developer coding in IDE’s other than NetBeans. Peter admitted that he was new to Maven but still thought that NetBeans 6.1’s support was good and better than Eclipse’s. "A really great feature within NetBeans: you can resolve dependencies very easy," wrote Peter.

5. NetBeans IDE for Ruby on Rails — Paul’s Jabber, 9/6
Paul Kolozsvari wrote about getting started with Ruby on Rails. Paul had been searching for an IDE to make his work easier, and with NetBeans 6.1, he had "finally found something that I am happy with."

6. A Look At Free/OpenSource Cross-Platform Installers — Sunny Talks Tech, 9/3
Saptarshi Purkayastha looked at the different Open Source Cross-Platform Installers available, saying, "we, as software programmers forget the importance of easy distribution and easy installation of software that we develop." After some research, Saptarshi decided to work with the NetBeans installer, saying that NetBeans provided a completely customizable and powerful installer framework.


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