’s perspective on OpenSolaris as a storage platform

In this look at OpenSolaris, reviewer Tory Skyers examined the storage features of Sun’s offering to determine its value to the storage community; specifically, the SMB market. Tory notes, "as far as the storage-related aspect of this operating system goes, it’s a home run. It offers iSNS, iSCSI, CIFS, NFS (Sun did help develop NFS you know!) and, most of all, ZFS." OpenSolaris
Tori provided a primer on OpenSolaris, then outlined his test goal — building a cost effective NAS device. He commented, "ZFS takes quite a bit of worry out of my day. I don’t have to worry about purchasing expensive RAID controllers. I can use the SATA ports on my motherboard and get great redundancy and fault tolerance."

Overall, Tory was quite pleased with OpenSolaris as a storage platform. In closing, he notes, "Keep a close eye on the development of this product, once it matures a bit more it will save you some cash, enough cash to make getting some paid support every once in a while not such a terrible thing. If you have previous experience with Solaris either on Sparc or X86 then you will definitely find value in this initiative."


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