Recent OpenOffice Reviews

1. OpenOffice 3 Release Candidate Arrives — Computerworld, 9/14
Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols took a look at the new 3.0 Release candidate. "This is more than a little cool. Those of us who don’t like paying the Microsoft Office suite tax have been waiting for the next version of for some time now and it’s almost ready to go. The developers are still saying it’s not ready for production use, but it is more than ready now for some serious testing by regular users," said Steven, "When taken as a whole, I see 3 as being perhaps the most significant open-source application release of 2008. And, yes, I’m including Firefox 3/3.1 and Chrome in my listings."
2. 3.0 Promises New Life for Office Software — OStatic, 9/18
Kristin Shoemaker said that 3.0 is a winner. She noted that its new features were its strength, and its extensibility was its future. Kristin also pointed out that 3.0 had some promising extensions available currently and more in the works. Kristin commented, " 3.0 showcases a number of ‘working’ improvements. It now includes a document conversion wizard that is able to convert .docx files into the Open Document format with varying degrees of success reported."

3. OpenOffice Version 3, RC1 Adds Many Features — WebWorkerDaily (GigaOm), 9/19
Sam Dean noted the release of the latest version of and commented, "The suite’s spreadsheet previously offered only 256 columns, but offers 1,024 in the new version. Names for spreadsheets can also now contain almost any character, while previously only letters, digits, underscores and spaces worked. There are also many additions to OpenOffice’s database." Sam said that the suite has a new PDF Import Extension from Sun that allows for limited editing of PDF content. He continued that even though many OpenOffice users don’t use extensions, there are many good ones.

4. Hidden Linux : Unadulterated — PC World, 9/22
Geoff Palmer preferred the version of that was not changed by a Linux distribution to meet its own criteria. Goeff pointed out that in the original version of you not only get all the features, "but you can also upgrade the moment the latest release is out and not have to wait for your distro’s package maintainers to catch up."

5. OpenOffice lacks a little to take into account the user experience — Dominique’s Weblog, 9/14
Dominique De Vito stated that it seemed as if was taking very little notice of the user experience. "Finally, at last, has a new improved cross-reference definition in coming v3 release. Before, in v2.4, or other previous versions, when one would like to define a cross-reference on an already defined (section) title, was not listing correctly the defined titles," she wrote. Dominique said that although’s stability was commendable, however, it’s out of the box usability was somewhat lacking.

6. Test Drive OpenOffice 3 Release Candidate 1 — Tombuntu, 9/11
The blogger, Tom, noted that 3.0 should be released in time to be included in Ubuntu 8.10. He added that the test release can be run without disturbing an existing version of OpenOffice and that both versions can even be run at the same time. Tom also listed the features that will be available on the release of 3.0.


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