Sun helps FAA bringing its air traffic systems into the 21st century

How many times have you had your meticulously planned travel itinerary go astray because of a system "glitch"? I can remember quite a few times during the past year alone… 😦

That’s going to change!!! Yeay!!!

Well, at least for the glitches that are attributed to FAA. They have upgraded their legacy internal business systems to a new open-systems server and storage infrastructure from us.

Our OpenSolaris/ZFS/Sun Fire server/Thumper storage solutions, which feature built-in, state-of-the-art virtualization capability, is the key building block for the new infrastructure at FAA. And ZFS is playing a major role in their data centers.

ZFS won InfoWorld's BOSSIE award in 2007
ZFS won InfoWorld’s BOSSIE award as the best open source storage platform
"The FAA uses a large quantity of Sun Solaris servers in a variety of configurations to support some of our noncritical business applications," Andy Isaksen, manager of the Communications Infrastructure Engineering Team for NADIN and architect of the original mainframe system, said. "ZFS is being used on at least one service within the Air Traffic Organization Enterprise Data Center."

Check out all the details in this eWEEK article.


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