TechRepublic and other VirtualBox reviews

1. Sun xVM VirtualBox packs a punch and it is free — TechRepublic, 10/22
Steven Warren takes a look at xVM VirtualBox and noted, "Within five minutes of loading the software, I was installing a virtual machine (VM) of Windows XP with SP3. It is simple interface and it looks like you can get it running very quickly." Steven walked through his experience with the product and concluded, "if you do not want to spend money for desktop virtualization or are just looking to get your feet wet, VirtualBox is a good bet, and its features are very comparable to VMware Workstation."

2. Sun’s VirtualBox Rocks – Beats VMWare and VirtualPC anyday — Nick Heppleston’s BizTalk Blog, 10/22
In his post, Nick Heppleston said he tried Microsoft’s Virtual PC, VMWare Server and concluded, "I’m now hooked on VirtualBox, Sun’s open-source offering to the gods of virtualization. The performance is excellent, it ‘feels’ like a stable product and is actively maintained with regular releases."

Sun xVM VirtualBox
3. Poor Man’s VDI – Tim’s Work Life, 10/22
Tim Ebbers posted experience of an employee at Swiss firm Acceleris. The person tested VirtualBox in his lab and says that his colleagues are happy with it, "especially given the price tag for the software (not including possible license costs needed for proprietary guest Operating Systems in your VM’s …): Zero. All the software needed (Solaris + SRSS + VirtualBox) to implement this type of "Poor Man’s VDI" can be downloaded for free from Sun’s web site." They concluded, "So what exactly do I need VMware and their incredibly expensive licenses for?"

4. VirtualBox Usage — Live Journal, 10/19
Aaron Maynard had been using VirtualBox for several weeks and that he was quite pleased with what it offered. He was also very happy to see that Windows performance under VirtualBox seemed to run faster, thus enabling him to successfully play his games with decent video performance.


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