OpenOffice user reviews

1. OpenOffice saves the day — Life as I know it, 10/19
Mark Tarqunini wrote about an incident he had with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 in which he could not play a DVD video. After "once again Microsoft fails," he used OpenOffice Impress and saw that it worked perfectly. He ended his post by declaring, "OpenOffice and open source rules!"
2. 8 Reasons Why OpenOffice 3.0 Could Be The Tipping Point Application — Dolenni Diddorol / Interesting Links, 10/19
Sioe Tryloywder put created a list of of reasons that he thought would explain why OpenOffice is ready to take on Microsoft Office. Reasons including, "It is and will continue to be free. OpenOffice is now better supported than ever. OpenOffice is multi platform with now native support for Macintosh users. OpenOffice is faster than previous versions of the business suite."

3. More extensions to use with release 3 — The daily blah blah, 10/19
The blogger said of, "With the new release of the free application suite, the use of extensions enhancing the capabilities of the suite is easier than ever." He added that the suite offered additional extensions to translate the writer file to xHTML files, he also listed some other features he liked about 3.

4. OpenOffice 3 Available for Mac, Windows and Linux — Must Know Information about Education …, 10/16
The blogger noted that OpenOffice 3.0 featured a number of improvements, and ensured smooth functioning, making better use of Visual Basic. He noticed that even more capabilities were available from third-party developers, including an Impress presenter console, support for business analytics, PDF import, and the creation of Hybrid PDF documents. He commented on the Sliding Zoom Control, and Reduced Feature Bloat features in OpenOffice.

5. OpenOffice 3 Release: Faster, uninspired interface —, 10/15
Raden Budiarto writes that the latest update is well worth a try for the improvement in response and load times. He advised, "People who use OpenOffice as their primary productivity suite should take advantage of the OpenOffice Quickstarter." He added that Mac users would be pleased to see that they no longer needed to grab a separate installation of X11, and Windows Vista users would surely encounter fewer problems than before. Raden seemed very impressed with the latest release and said that the upgrade to OpenDocument Format 1.2 was ‘glitch-free.’


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