InformationWeek: “Sun’s T5440 Server Is Built To Multitask”

Over the weekend, InformationWeek has published a very positive review of Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server. The review is also running in this week’s print edition of InformationWeek.

In his evaluation, Jeff Ballard of InformationWeek stated the "T5440 server will excel anywhere throughput is more important than CPU speed — in those areas, the T5440 is rewriting the record book. Database workloads–in particular, Oracle and SAS environments — are well-suited to the T5440’s CMT technology."

His positive review examined Sun’s latest CMT offering noting the unit "runs rings around more expensive devices when performing a lot of tasks concurrently. It’s ideal for databases and virtualization and excels at encrypting and decrypting data thanks to on-board security co-processors."

Jeff noted that the UltraSPARC T2 chip’s performance "blurred the distinction between traditionally lower-end T series and higher-end M series devices" and that it "turns in performance above its pay grade thanks to its higher concurrency of operations."

Jeff also examined the T5440’s virtualization capabilities, specifically LDoms. "We found the all-purpose "ldm" LDom-controller command easy to use, and we had our first LDom up and running within minutes. Adding and removing them also was a snap," he noted.

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 Server


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