InfoWorld’s First Take on Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems

In this initial review on the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems, InfoWorld’s Paul Venezia discussed what the new products represent to the storage market. Paul said, "what the 7210 and its brethren provide is an elegant storage framework that includes the best-of-breed ZFS file system coupled with read- and write-biased SSDs, support for CIFS, iSCSI, NDMP, FTP, (and others) driven by a truly breathtaking interface."

Paul discussed some of the product features, such as how the SSDs vary among the product line, and cited Sun engineers who "claimed that the addition of the read-biased SSD caching in conjunction with ZFS’ predictive caching algorithms means that 7,200-rpm SATA drives perform just as well, if not better than 10K SAS drives." Paul went on to note that he has been "a fan of ZFS for some time now, and it’s only getting better and better."

Paul also discussed the evolution of storage, and the challenges faced from storing large amounts of data, backing up data, and the user interface with searching through the data. Against these challenges, "the new capabilities offered with products like the Sun 7000-series storage appliances are paving the way for new takes on old ideas, such as video-on-demand."

Paul is soon going to publish a full product review but for now, "it’s really impressive to be able to quickly pull up real-time user- and file-level throughput statistics complete with live graphs."

Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems
He concluded the post with a quote from a character from The Simpsons, saying, "In the immortal words of Kent Brockman, I, for one, welcome our new storage overlords." 🙂


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