OpenSolaris reviews

1. OpenSolaris 2008.11 — Bunny’s Place, 11/13
Rachel Terri Clark decided to try OpenSolaris 2008.11, and found the installation process flawless. She was interested in trying it for the ZFS capabilities in order to build a new file server, and was pleased to discover how easy it was to use. She described it as "a piece of cake." She noted that "the zpool and zfs tools are lovely (simple yet powerful) and I love the hierarchal pool system." Rachel recommended OpenSolaris to readers if they were looking for a server OS, and added that she was glad to say goodbye to the old windows manager that she had been using.
2. Why I am Leaning Toward OpenSolaris — Code Ghar, 11/14
The blogger had heard and read many good things about Solaris, especially regarding Sun hardware and its operating in big enterprise environments. He checked out the open source version — OpenSolaris — and noted several reasons why OpenSolaris is a good choice. He specifically complimented a few of OpenSolaris’ features including ZFS and DTrace.

3. How Open Source Coders are helping Sun with Solaris — Bits On Bytes, 11/17
The blogger noted that since introduction of OpenSolaris in 2006, the community had expanded to 14,000 members with 29 user groups across the world working on over 30 active projects. He praised Sun on these efforts, saying, "The features of OpenSolaris show Sun Microsystems’ commitment to be on the cutting edge of the computing world without losing touch with the current development environment. The OpenSolaris project is the ultimate display of these twin strengths – Sun has leveraged the creative energy of coders across the world and receives instant feedback about what their audience wants."


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