3.0 Reviews

1. OpenOffice Shakes Microsoft — Australian IT, 12/2
David Frith notes that does "almost everything MS Office does but, unlike the Microsoft product, it’s free… No cash upfront, no licensing fees, no advertising support." The article notes, "Steve Ballmer recently told a US business users’ conference OpenOffice is the only one that Microsoft regards as serious competition… In the first four weeks after release, OpenOffice 3.0 was downloaded more than 12 million times."
2. OpenOffice 3.0 a fresh blow for Microsoft — The Sydney Morning Herald, 11/25
Adam Turner reported that Microsoft’s cash cow Microsoft Office seemed to be under threat with the release of 3.0. He wrote, "The free OpenOffice suite replicates much of the functionality of Microsoft’s stalwarts such as Word and Excel." Adam noted that not only did OpenOffice run faster on Leopard, but it was well deserving of being touted as "truly cross-platform." His conclusion: "Microsoft Office still has a place in many organizations, but OpenOffice 3.0 is a viable alternative for many people."

3. Dashboard Concept — SolidOffice, 11/20
Benjamin Horst had been developing an idea to expand 3.0’s Welcome Screen into a more complex home screen, similar to "Google Chrome’s new tab screen. He uploaded a mockup to the OO.o Wiki in order to share his Dashboard concept for further discussion, and said that he had some plans to improve the current mockup. Benjamin believed that his Dashboard idea went well with his plans to make OpenOffice feel "more modern, configurable, and social."


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