MacWorld’s 3.0 review

MacWorld’s John Brandon reviewed OpenOffice 3.0, calling it a "a powerful productivity suite" and evaluating the individual applications in the suite. Brandon said that version 3.0 is a "major upgrade over the previous version, with plenty of new features, native OS support, and all the tools most people would need to get their work done."
Now with native OS X support, Brandon found 3.0 to be "extremely fast," and noted he formatted a 200-page novel "at lightning speed." Brandon also found the same speed with Calc. Among other new features like OpenDocument 2.1 support, Brandon highlighted Writer‘s new editing notes that mimic Word’s comment bubbles and a zoom slider on the status bar. The new workbook sharing feature was also liked by the reporter, as well as new importing capabilities in Impress, and overall multi-monitor support.

The reviewer found that the suite was missing the latest format templates in Office 2008, as well as other smaller features like Office’s notebook view, multi-page printing and calendaring applications, though he noted this is "not a major gripe" as there are many options available.

Brandon summarized these updates by saying, "if you don’t need all the bells and whistles of Microsoft Office, check out 3, a free productivity suite that has many of Office’s capabilities." Overall, Brandon said, "it’s speedy, feature-rich, and does what it says it will do very well. And if that’s all you really need (and if you can live without the latest Office features), it’s definitely worth the effort."

So try today!


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