Redmond Magazine’s positive OpenOffice review!!!

Redmond Magazine Editor-in-Chief Doug Barney has compiled a number of reader opinions around various facets of 3.0 in a very positive "Reader Review" of the suite.

"The interest in this open source suite is clearly high. After I asked for comments in my Redmond Report e-mail newsletter, 18 readers quickly wrote in and shared their experiences," he noted.
Doug provided views and hands-on insights from his readers on various components of the product, including: installation, user interface, usability, stability, manageability, extensibility, innovation and performance.

Overall, the reader comments Doug shared are quite positive, especially as they relate to features and competitors.

Doug noted, "To battle OO.o and other rivals, Microsoft is turning Office into a system with tight integration with other Microsoft tools, a strategy that is in some regards working. ‘If it wasn’t for the promise of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server [MOSS], I would seriously question the expenditure on Microsoft Office within my organization,’ Anderson says. ‘I’ve frequently stated with executive staff that unless MOSS becomes an organizational strategy for our company, I see no value in spending money on upgrading Microsoft Office.‘"

That’s a pretty strong statement coming out of a Microsoft-focused publication! 🙂


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