Recent OpenSolaris Experiences

1. OpenSolaris Gets Updated X.Org, Mesa Stack — Phoronix, 2/3
Michael Larabel from Phoronix noted that with the latest bi-weekly release of Solaris Express Community Edition (SXCE), the X Server as well as the Mesa stack had been updated. The updated X Server brought numerous improvements and the updated version of Mesa allowed for improved open-source 3D graphics. He added that all the other X.Org 7.4 drivers and components had also been updated in this latest OpenSolaris build.
2. Using OpenSolaris 2008.11 as desktop for one day — /dev/urandom, 2/2
The blogger describes his experiences about using OpenSolaris as desktop OS. Most of the applications he use on daily basis were already installed except for OpenOffice, which was available for install from the package repository. The blogger liked the Time Slider feature. Overall, he found OpenSolaris "a promising OS, with a few quirks."

3. OpenSolaris — Characters and Spaces, 1/31
Jason R. recently installed OpenSolaris on an old server to use the OS as a file server. Though Jason was still trying to figure out the magic combination of CIFS, encryption and media streaming software that would give him an easy-to-use, centralized, and secure location to manage and share information, he noted that the server was working pretty well. Jason added, "I couldn’t be happier with OpenSolaris, and am seriously considering the viability of a switch to using it on my laptop. I’ve been nothing short of impressed."

4. Linux, XP, OS X, BSD or OpenSolaris — ThothTech, 1/29
The blogger was on the lookout for a suitable and stable OS to take over his aging Win XP machine. He tried out several different OSes, and in regards to Sun’s offering he reported, "I did install and test out OpenSolaris and it’s pretty good. I like the power of the ZFS where you can scroll some scroller and it brings you ‘back in time’ to view old copies of your file/folders of how they look like."

5. Font Fun in OpenSolaris and Beyond — eWEEK Blogs, 1/27
Jason Brooks had been running OpenSolaris 2008.11 for a while with mostly good experiences. He noted that one of the roughest edges on OpenSolaris was the system’s font rendering within the Firefox Web browser. Jason understood that this is primarily because of an intellectual property situation and found some font substitution options available on the internet for OpenSolaris and for Linux.


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