JavaFX Tips & Tricks

With the recent anouncement of JavaFX Mobile, I wanted to highlight couple of excellent tips and tricks articles from (non-Sun) JavaFX enthusiasts. Also, do check out the JavaFX site and the JavaFX blog for the latest tutorials and how-to articles. JavaFX
1a. JavaFX 1.1 Mobile Example: Using Binding and Key Events — Jim Weaver’s JavaFX Blog, 2/13
1b. Lessons Learned from Creating a Data Intensive, Multi-tier Application in JavaFX
James Weaver shows us a couple of code examples for JavaFX Mobile 1.1 along with Java Web Start links to run them. He also has an excellent post on lessons learned from creating Sapphire — a data intensive, multi-tier JavaFX application.

2. Pet Store with JavaFX 1.0.- Part I — Java Developer’s Journal, 2/12
Yakov Fain investigates what JavaFX 1.0 is capable of. In the process, he gives a face lift to the Java Pet Store 2.0 Application by replacing the UI developed with AJAX/JSP/JavaServer Faces with JavaFX 1.0. In an upcoming post, he will review the code.

3. Creating mashups with JavaFX — IBM developerWorks, 2/10
In this IBM developerWorks article, eBay’s Michael Galpin shows how JavaFX lets us tap into popular Web services such as Flickr and how we can use it to create interactive user interfaces. Along the way, we get a taste of the new capabilities that JavaFX brings to client-side development.

4a. Jump into JavaFX, Part 1: JavaFX Preview SDK — JavaWorld, 11/6
4b. Jump into JavaFX, Part 2: JavaFX Script
4c. Jump into JavaFX, Part 3: The basic APIs
In this three part JavaFX series (fourth one is forthcoming!), Jeff Friesen walks us through installation instructions for JavaFX with NetBeans 6.1, create a Hello World script, and explore scalable vector graphics conversion and rendering using Project Nile; subsequently a tour of JavaFX Script’s language features and APIs.


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