Tips & Tricks from MySQL Experts

1. Are MySQL stored procedures slow? — Database Science, 2/13
Brooks Johnson shows MySQL stored procedures are not as fast as equivalent C# and Java codes, and recommends not to implement computationally expensive business logic in the database.

2. Re: Are MySQL stored procedures slow? — Antony’s MySQL bits, 2/13
In response to the post above, Antony Curtis shows that using Perl, a stored procedure will be a lot faster than MySQL’s native SQL stored procedures (though not as fast as bytecode languages with JIT compilers).

3. How much memory can MySQL use in the worst case? — MySQL Performance Blog, 2/12
In a detailed post, Baron Schwartz discusses various memory usage scenarios in MySQL. He concludes that worst case memory usage scenario is not something worth worrying about much. Brian thinks it is far better to use a monitoring tool to watch the actual memory usage over time and see how it varies.

4a. Of MySQL 5.1 and Joomla part 2 – A dirty trick and an idea — Karlsson on databases and stuff, 2/12
4b. Of MySQL 5.1 and Joomla part 1
Anders has developed a site using Joomla CMS and MySQL. He goes over the tricks of overcoming some of Joomla’s shortcomings on MySQL usage.

5. Altering a HUGE MyISAM table in MySQL — Tech Scraps, 2/10
Vivek Jain had to alter a MyISAM table with approximately 300 million records. He found out some nifty tricks that did the job under 5 hours.

6. MySQL Front 5 — Ickokid IT Solution, 2/10
The blogger highlighted MySQL-Front as a "real" application that could offer a more refined user interface to MySQL as compared to systems built on PHP and HTML. "MySQL-Front makes working with MySQL databases a snap without hiding the language from the user," he noted.


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