Computerworld review of VirtualBox (hosting Windows 7)

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols of Computerworld tested how Windows 7 runs on a virtualized environment, noting he chose to use Sun’s VirtualBox software because it is free and also because it can used as a host for other operating systems.

Steven discussed in detail the installation process for both Windows 7 and VirtualBox, highlighting VirtualBox’s ability to load ISOs over both a network or from a local drive as well as noting VirtualBox Guest Additions. He stated, "They only work with Linux and Windows guest operating systems. But in either case, they’re darn useful."

Steve also noted that unless one wants to run a high-end game, "VirtualBox gives you everything most of you will need to decide for yourself whether Windows 7 will be worth your time. As far as I’m concerned, Windows 7 and VirtualBox are a great combination."

Sun xVM VirtualBox
Following the conclusion of the article, Steven added a section regarding VirtualBox and why it is his virtualization program of choice. He noted, "I’ve been a VirtualBox user for some time, and I really like it a lot. It’s simpler to use than Xen; it’s largely open source, unlike VMware; and it runs on pretty much any desktop operating system you care to name, which is certainly not the case with Parallels or Microsoft’s Hyper-V."

Steven concluded, "There may be better desktop virtualization programs available than VirtualBox, but I haven’t found one yet. Its combination of flexibility, speed and features makes it my PC virtualization program of choice. If you give it a try, I think you’ll find you agree."


One Response to “Computerworld review of VirtualBox (hosting Windows 7)”

  1. Mikael Gueck Says:

    Never underestimate the number and quality of people who will familiarize themselves with your software because you can just click and install it, while your competitors subject them to the virtual third degree before letting them download.

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