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Recent NetBeans Reviews from Developers

March 31, 2009

1. NetBeans, Subversion and Symlinks —, 3/21
Robert Bolton has started using NetBeans for PHP coding and is generally happy with it. However, some specific behaviors in Subversion plugins and symlinks are bugging him.
2. Ruby on Rails IDE for beginners — Indu’s Ecosystem, 3/20
Indudhar Devanath gives a run down of Ruby on Rails IDE’s for beginner, noting good support for RoR in NetBeans. He states that this Java-based IDE comes bundled with Glassfish V3 Prelude and RoR learning trails that make it an ideal choice for beginners.

3. Notepad++ for PHP development —, 3/20
Arjen de Korte has recently discovered NetBeans and finds it an "amazing software that has support for PHP code coloring, completion and step-by-step debugging using xdebug."

4. Or not aptana /o\ — Spoonerisms, 3/20
The blogger notes that NetBeans offers a Ruby-only install that integrated extremely well into Rails development. "I’m feeling hopeful about it," he adds.

5. NetBeans 6.7 – I Like Where Things are Going (Initial Impressions) —, 3/19
John Crean is impressed with the latest version of NetBeans as it offers greater platform integration and faster accessibility. "Upon first launch, I noticed the window and all the elements in the interface had a much better look to them, one more consistent with the general OS X look-and-feel (specifically 10.5 Leopard)," he notes.

6. The new NetBeans look on OS X — There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact!, 3/19
Ranjith Chandran downloads the latest development build of NetBeans and finds that the UI look on OS X is by far the best he has ever seen in any Java IDE. "Look-wise it rocks," says Ranjith.

7. NetBeans ahoy —, 3/18
The blogger uses NetBeans as his primary development tool for PHP coding and his "mind is blown." He is also happy to notice that apart from the PHP editor working well with MAMP tools running on a Mac OS 10.4, NetBeans also features support for XDebug, "a handy application" for debugging.


Now Available: Solaris Platform Optimized for Nehalem

March 30, 2009

Today we announced that the Solaris platform, including the Solaris 10 OS and OpenSolaris, has been optimized to provide performance, energy efficiency and reliability enhancements for the new Intel Xeon processor 5500 series, formerly code named Nehalem. OpenSolaris
Herbert Hinstorff, Director of Datacenter Software Business Management at Sun, joined me to talk about Sun and Intel working closely during the Nehalem chip development process to optimize the Solaris platform for the processor.

Listen to the short segment below to learn how some of the Nehalem features can be taken advantage of only in the Solaris platform.

At A Glance: This week’s JavaFX, OpenOffice and OpenSolaris Reviews

March 27, 2009

JavaFX bloggers continued to promote the use of the new software, with one blogger at Free Ebook Manual Download providing an informative tutorial of the software and saying "it was designed from the ground up to make GUI programming easy." Blogger Luis Barragan also encouraged the use of JavaFX 1.1 in several IDEs including NetBeans 6.5. JavaFX was named one of 14 "Best Bets" on PC World’s list of 101 innovative and free tools. It was included on a similar post on Many Money Savers Blog, saying "If you are looking for an office suite program that is free, you can’t beat OpenOffice." also was compared positively against MS Office, as blogger Matthew Bhowell said that it was a valid competitor because it offers similar features, provides the ability to create and use existing files on any version, and the free availability of the suite. Another blogger found the cross platform use beneficial as they used OpenOffice to open an old WordPerfect file that MS Word wouldn’t access.


OpenSolaris made a strong impression with bloggers testing out the software, as Alyce Mendoza said that OpenSolaris 2008.11 “is progressing to be a great salutation frontward for the desktops newest participant…hats off to everyone setting in the work.” Only a few days into testing OpenSolaris, blogger Randall Rode also said that he was “loving it,” especially the “nicely packaged” Sun Web Stack including Apache, PHP, MySQL and Ruby. OpenSolaris

Sun News in Review: GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse

March 26, 2009

We announced the new GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse at the EclipseCon conference this week. This new bundle provides Eclipse developers the same easy-to-use, out-of-the-box Java EE developer experience that NetBeans developers have already been leveraging through the GlassFish Plugin for the NetBeans IDE.

Ludovic Champenois, Principal Engineer in the GlassFish Application Server Team at Sun, joined me live from the EclipseCon conference to talk about the bundle that includes GlassFish v2, GlassFish v3 Prelude, Eclipse 3.4 Web Tools Platform, GlassFish Eclipse Plugin and Java SE 6.

Listen to the short segment below for the details and download your copy today.

InformationWeek ReviewCam: Sun Cloud’s Drag, Drop & Deploy Virtual Datacenter Designer

March 25, 2009

David Berlind of InformationWeek sat down with Sun’s Cloud Computing CTO Lew Tucker at our CommunityOne East Developer Conference for a demonstration of Sun Cloud, specifically the Virtual Data Center (VDC) design and deployment tool.

David was impressed. He notes, "… You start picking up servers, switches, firewalls, etc., and you just drop them into the cloud… Perhaps Sun should call it 4D; Drag, Drop, Deploy, and (voila!) Datacenter (in Sun’s Cloud that is)."

Check out David’s 7 minute video of the Sun Cloud VDC for a full glimpse to the tool.

Sun Cloud

Sun News in Review: Christopher Kawalek on Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Software 3.0

March 24, 2009

This morning we announced the availability of Sun VDI Software 3. The latest release offers great storage economics for VDI, built-in virtualization capabilities and a wide variety of virtual desktop operating systems. With increased flexibility, management efficiency and data security, Sun VDI customers are already saving big bucks.

I talked with Chris Kawalek, Product Line Manager of Desktop Virtualization Marketing at Sun, about the new software. Get the highlights of the announcement by listening to the short segment below.

Chris Kawalek

Chris Kawalek

Know JavaFX? Get $25,000!

March 23, 2009

JavaFX Coding Challenge
We just announced a new contest

Develop an innovative rich media application using JavaFX 1.1 and NetBeans 6.5.

And you can win up to $25,000!!!

If you are a student, the deal gets even better…

In addition to the top prizes, there are three prizes @ $1,500 each for the top three student submissions.

Get going, the contest has already started and submission closes on May 29th.

Check out all the details at JavaFX Coding Challenge.

Have the thinking buds stir up, crank the code, submit the application and get great prizes and recognition.

Happy coding!

Good luck to all of you!!!

International Earth Day and Sun’s CSR

March 20, 2009

We at Sun always pay close attention to the mark we make — whether it’s innovations that change the industry or our footprint on the planet.

Since formalizing our Sustainability strategy three years ago, we’ve had many dramatic proof points of our open source philosophy, commitment to the environment, social responsibility and making technology accessible to everyone.

Corporate Responsibility at Sun
Some examples include publishing our annual CSR report, winning the EPA’s Climate Protection Award, and opening the new eco friendly data center in Colorado, to name a few.

We are observing International Earth Day today, and I sat down with Marcy Scott Lynn, Director of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility at Sun Microsystems, to talk about environmental accountability for a sustainable earth. Listen to the short segment below for the highlights of Sun’s CSR efforts.

At A Glance: This week’s JavaFX, VirtualBox, MySQL and OpenOffice Reviews

March 19, 2009

Bloggers continued to post on JavaFX as they gained experience with the new code. Blogger Gail provided a sample rotating photo carousel and said she was impressed with JavaFX as it "makes it easy to manipulate images and move things around in general." Connor Garvey shared the source code for a simple spinner that can be stopped and started, and Max shared his source code for how to use JavaFX with JBoss Seam, using the Flamingo RIA framework. JavaFX


Sun xVM VirtualBox VirtualBox had a stellar week both in top-tier media and blogs, getting positive reviews for the broad access and usability it provides.

A review by Rob Griffiths that was syndicated in MacWorld, Network World, and PC World said, "With the addition of hardware virtualization, support for 64-bit guest operating systems, and OpenGL support, VirtualBox has become an even-better free solution."

Blogger Hari said, "Besides being free, VirtualBox was amazingly easy to install and very very functional," and Petros Koutoupis said, "What else can I say but, "Wow." I am impressed with this excellent application."

Bloggers at Architosh provided helpful tips on using Windows CAD for Mac, while UbuntuGeek discussed converting from VMware to VirtualBox images.


Bloggers provided several tips for uses of MySQL, ranging from database backups to adapting a MySQL table to a CSV file. The blog Noupe posted 10 tips on backing up databases automatically or manually, calling MySQL one of the most popular open source database management system for the development of interactive Websites.

PHP Genius provided a quick source code for converting tables to CSV files, and Getphp posted a video tutorial on specifying numbers of results as part of a MySQL series.

Sun MySQL OpenOffice continued to drive positive coverage as a great productivity suite, especially in the current economic climate. The Guardian cited local businesses switching to OpenOffice, such as the IT director of an online travel agent who said they chose OpenOffice for price and performance, and noted it saved about £18,000. He added, "I just wish we’d deployed more open source software from the outset."

Blogger Mark continued this sentiment around the spread of OpenOffice saying, " is good enough that government agencies the world over are switching to it." The blogger from A Success Experiment listed among his favorite free software tools, calling it, "Completely free, available for all main-stream operating systems and can be used for any purpose: personal, private or commercial."

Highly popular Web tips site Instructables demonstrated one of these features, offering a video tutorial on creating PDFs using OpenOffice 3.0.

Sun Cloud Announcement — Juan Carlos Soto Interview

March 18, 2009

Today at CommunityOne East conference, we are announcing Sun Open Cloud Platform — our open cloud computing infrastructure — powered by OpenSolaris, MySQL, Open Storage and Java.

I sat down with Juan Carlos Soto, VP of Marketing, Cloud Computing Business Unit at Sun, to discuss the announcement. Listen to Juan giving you the nuggets of the announcement…

In addition to the overall strategy and roadmap, Juan talks about the open APIs for Sun’s public cloud service, partner initiatives for Sun’s public cloud service and how you can participate in the Sun Cloud technology preview programs.

Juan Carlos Soto

Juan Carlos Soto