Now Available: Solaris Platform Optimized for Nehalem

Today we announced that the Solaris platform, including the Solaris 10 OS and OpenSolaris, has been optimized to provide performance, energy efficiency and reliability enhancements for the new Intel Xeon processor 5500 series, formerly code named Nehalem. OpenSolaris
Herbert Hinstorff, Director of Datacenter Software Business Management at Sun, joined me to talk about Sun and Intel working closely during the Nehalem chip development process to optimize the Solaris platform for the processor.

Listen to the short segment below to learn how some of the Nehalem features can be taken advantage of only in the Solaris platform.


2 Responses to “Now Available: Solaris Platform Optimized for Nehalem”

  1. Nehalemman Says:

    Will OpenSolaris also be optimised for the consumer oriented Core i7 derivatives of Nehalem or is this just for those big-time guys with their servers?

  2. Chhandomay Mandal Says:

    The Solaris platform enhancements are primarily focused on the server side but there are certain aspects like better performance that will benefit consumers as well.
    Even though Sun’s primary focus is on the server side but we are also looking at ways that Solaris and OpenSolaris could benefit consumers. For example OpenSolaris now shipping on Toshiba laptops.

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