Recent OpenOffice Reviews

Last week Computerworld featured an image gallery of the 25 most anticipated open source releases of the coming year, including 3.1. The slide notes, " 3.1 adds a bunch of new features that make it ever-more-similar to (maybe even better than) You-Know-Who’s office suite, from notes in the margin (that you can comment on) to better drag-and-drop for graphics objects. You can download the developer build and decide for yourself."
Dmitri Popov from Linux Magazine assured readers that they did not have to be an expert to get started with OpenOffice’s Basic programming interface. "This is because comes with its own Basic-based programming language," he said. Dmitri added that although OpenOffice Basic was not the most difficult programming language, it still required some time and effort, especially for non-programmers. In his article, Dmitri aimed at providing a few pointers and code snippets to readers, so that they could put OpenOffice Basic to some practical use without learning the language from scratch.

In a E-Commerce Times post suggesting cost cutting measures around the office, Dana Gardner and a panel of experts recommended the use of OpenOffice as they believed MS Office to be a "big fat cow that needed to be sacrificed." They propagated the use of open source solutions like OpenOffice and StarOffice that would "go a long, long way toward saving money."


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