Glowing VirtualBox Review in Bright Hub

The popular online technology publication Bright Hub has recently published a very positive review of VirtualBox.

The reviewer, Steve Mallard, tested VirtualBox 2.2.2,  rating it a 5 out of 5 in each of the three separate categories he evaluated: installation, features and performance, and value and price. Steve proclaims that VirtualBox is "easy to use and setup," and it is "one of the best virtualization programs available."

Steve describes the installation of VirtualBox as "straight forward and easy." Among the highlights he notes that VirtualBox is supported by many other major operating systems which makes VirtualBox "an excellent easy-to-use and powerful virtualization application."

Sun VirtualBox
Steve notes that the features and performance available in VirtualBox are the same as the "dozens of options and features found in virtualization software that cost hundreds of dollars."

He walks through the steps of installing an operating system onto VirtualBox as well as the settings features to optimize the guest operating system to include Remote Desktop, USB and Com Ports, SATA and associated hard drive settings, CD/DVD, and audio settings. Steve states that overall "VirtualBox is an excellent program that performs well."

Steve concludes "the value of virtualization cannot be stressed enough," as he points out the multitude of uses for VirtualBox. Noting that there is no better value for the price, Steve also highlights the benefits of the "excellent support forum and community" for VirtualBox, and that licensing is available for organizations.


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