VirtualBox tutorials from the user community

1. Tutorial: Boot existing Ubuntu Partition using VirtualBox inside Windows —, 4/28
The blogger wanted to reconfigure his setup to have Ubuntu run inside windows (instead of as a dualboot), and wanted to find a way to boot into his existing Ubuntu partition. After research and testing, he discovered a way to do this and has written a tutorial on booting Ubuntu partitions inside Windows through VirtualBox.

2. How to Install VirtualBox 2.2.0 in Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) — Ubuntugeek, 4/28
The blogger has compiled a tutorial with more than a dozen screen shots that walks one through the process of installing VirtualBox 2.2 in Ubuntu 9.04.

3. Using VirtualBox Host Interface Network —, 4/26
The blogger wants his virtual machine to have the same prefix IP address as his host machine, and gives a complete tutorial on how to setup the VirtualBox Host Interface to do so.

Sun VirtualBox
4. How to Fix Mouse Pointer Integration in Ubuntu 9.04 installed on VirtualBox —, 4/24
Blogger Axel writes that after installing Ubuntu 9.04 on VirtualBox, there was no mouse pointer integration – even when pressing the ctrl button, he couldn’t capture the mouse. He discovered a method to automatically integrate the mouse when changing from the host to the guest OS, and provided a tutorial on how to do so.

5. Ubuntu Studio 8.10 Install in VirtualBox tutorial —, 4/23
The administrator at has posted a video tutorial on how to download and install VirtualBox with Ubuntu Studio 8.10 as the guest OS.

6. Installing Ubuntu 9.04 in VirtualBox 2.2.0 — moxiefoxtrot, 4/23
Blogger Ryan is a regular VirtualBox user who reported that the installation process of the application is "pretty simple!" Ryan has written an article that guides users through the step-by-step installation of Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop inside of VirtualBox without having to multi-boot the computer.

7. How to Install Ubuntu 9.04 on VirtualBox 2.2 — Kombitz, 4/23
The blogger said "VirtualBox is a good choice," for those who want to try the new Ubuntu 9.04 without buying a new machine or partitioning the hard drive. The blogger then gave a tutorial on how to create a new virtual machine in VirtualBox to run Ubuntu 9.04 as the guest OS.

8. Ubuntu 9.04 on VirtualBox 2.2 —, 4/23
Andy Hawthorne has disclosed the results of his installation of Ubuntu 9.04 in Parallels, VMware Fusion, and VirtualBox, which he says "copes admirably well where Parallels fails." The blog points out where VirtualBox performed admirably during the install.

9. iPhone Synching and Linux — The Pan-Galactic Memory Bank, 4/22
Blogger Nathan Wood, who uses Linux as his host OS, found an easy way to synch his iPhone to iTunes using VirtualBox. Nathan gives a tutorial on how he set up VirtualBox’s command-line tools to boot the VM when he plugs the iPhone in, and to automatically shut down when he unplugs the phone.


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