OpenSolaris in ZDNet, Solaris Zones in Linux Journal

ZDNet’s Jason Perlow took a first look at the latest release of OpenSolaris and blogged about his findings. Overall, he was quite pleased with what he saw, noting “the June 2009 (2009.06) release of OpenSolaris provides a solid Open Source GNOME desktop experience like that of a modern Linux distribution combined with the scalability and stability of UNIX. OpenSolaris
Jason stated that this “evolutionary” build of Sun’s OS delivers a refresh of all major open source packages and provides a “comparable user experience to most Linux distributions.” He went on differentiate today’s modern Linux distributions from OpenSolaris, which “comes from a commercial UNIX pedigree and blends both mature UNIX SVR4 kernel code developed by Sun Microsystems for its Solaris 10 enterprise server OS with a mix of code which was originally proprietary.”

Jason concludes that this mix of enterprise class features, open source tools and binaries offers “the best of both worlds.” He goes on to highlight OpenSolaris attributes such as stability, scalability in the context of processor, ZFS and networking support in the OS.

His final conclusion: “OpenSolaris 2006.09 is indeed a significant release for the project and is an excellent enterprise workstation and server OS, and I’m looking forward to tracking future progress of the developers working on it.

In a recent edition of Linux Journal, Victor Burns provides an in-depth how-to article on Solaris Zones. In the piece, he showcased how his company, Texas Instruments, has used Solaris Containers to combine Linux and Solaris resources together within one physical environment. He noted, “when lx branded zones are used in conjunction with the ZFS (Zeta-byte File System), Linux environments are able to do more, faster.” Victor began with some background on zones, introduced and presented the necessary tools and detailed each step in the zone management process.


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