Last Week’s OpenSolaris Reviews

1. OpenSolaris automated installs –, 6/21
Bill Hathaway reviewed the OpenSolaris automated installer utility, and shared his source code and instructions. He concluded, "I was happy that it was relatively straightforward to get working, but I think it will be a while before the system has as much flexibility for customizing installs as Jumpstart."
2. OpenSolaris on the ThinkPad — Solaris Jedi, 6/21
Blogger Christopher Hubbell posted about his early interactions with OpenSolaris on his laptop, saying he was excited about using OpenSolaris after being dissatisfied with Windows and Ubuntu. Chris concluded, "At the moment everything I do, including web browsing works well and is responsive under only 1GB ram and a 1.1 GHz processor. Sweet."

3. Configuring jumpstart to install Solaris on a ZFS root — Blog O’Matty, 6/21
Blogger Matty created a ZFS root pool and associated file systems, and shared the code for how he did it. He also noted that "it’s nice having the various ZFS features (checksums, snapshots, compression, etc.) available in the root pool!"

4. Solaris Zones Parallel Patching —, 6/19
The blogger reviewed the Solaris 10 Zones Parallel Patching feature, saying that the getting functionality from the feature is simple and leads to "significant performance gains in patching operations."

5. OpenSolaris Receives New X Server, Mesa — Phoronix, 6/18
Phoronix’s Michael Larabel said that the newly released OpenSolaris SXCE Build 116 has an updated X stack, and brings in X Server 1.6 and Mesa 7.4.

6. OpenSolaris 2009.06 — Technology Geeks’ Heaven, 6/23
Blogger Ananth Gouri posted instructions for installing OpenSolaris 2009.06, noting that he "could get the Desktop and I could check my Gmail too using Firefox and most of the other applications seem to work flawlessly."

7. Solaris 2009.06 (and 2008.10) on an HP nc4010 Laptop — UNIX Administratosphere, 6/17
Blogger David said he updated to Solaris 2009.06, and while he found it to be a smooth install, he found installing from text mode undocumented. He shared a few steps that helped his install.


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