ZDNet Review: Virtualbox 3.0 is “Virtual Developer’s Delight”

ZDNet’s Jason Perlow reviewed the new VirtualBox 3.0 release, stating it "represents a culmination of hundreds of bug fixes and significant performance enhancements, including the ability for the product to permit guest OSes to use up to 32 virtual CPUs each."

Jason focused on VirtualBox’s ability to work across multiple OSes, as well as the new features around using multiple cores per OS and remote console capability. Though Jason was only able to test the update on OpenSolaris and Fedora 11 Linux host OSes, he "was easily able to move VDI files between the systems for my virtual Windows 7 system."

In the accompanying slide show, ZDNet noted that "VirtualBox is ideally suited for desktop virtualization applications but also has some nice features for prototyping and developing enterprise-quality applications and environments."

Sun VirtualBox


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