Windows IT Pro: “A hearty thumbs up” for VirtualBox 3.0

Windows IT Pro’s Jeff James awarded top marks to VirtualBox 3.0, calling VirtualBox “an impressive product with an unbeatable price tag” which offers “a perfect solution for quickly creating dev and test environments.”

Jeff emphasized VirtualBox’s unbeatable free price tag and highlighted user-friendly features like VM creation wizard. He also noted that “from a usability and performance perspective, VirtualBox 3.0 works like a charm,” performing “on par (if not a bit faster) than…VMware Workstation.”

Other notable features included improved 3D Support, Guest SMP and the mini toolbar for full screen and seamless modes which “makes it even easier to switch between VMs.”

The reviewer, who gave VirtualBox 3.0 “a hearty thumbs up,” ultimately concluded that VritualBox 3.0 is “an impressive virtualization product that competes well with the likes of VMware Workstation and Parallels Desktop.”

Sun VirtualBox


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