Last Week’s Reviews

OpenOffice received high praise in two top-tier publications this week. Network World’s Randall Kennedy included the office suite in his list of the best free open source software programs for Windows, and said OpenOffice “provides a capable set of tools for accomplishing just about anything a typical business user would require.” PCPro’s Simon Jones took an in-depth look at the 3.1 release saying the update brought “some welcome features and some much needed polish” to the office productivity suite. Bloggers continued to publish tips and tricks to get the most out of OpenOffice, with Ted French posting a Calc spreadsheet tutorial on in which he said Calc “is easy to use, and contains most, if not all of the commonly used features found in spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.”

JavaFX buzz continued to grow this week with a blogger at widgetlabs declaring “I can finally say that JavaFX is now good,” after testing the 1.2 release. He tested JavaFX against other RIA solutions and noted that JavaFX’s stellar CPU performance rate in comparison to the others “is an incredible evolution.” A blogger at Edgblog highlighted JavaFX’s ability to simplify the process of animating graphics and said JavaFX “makes animation a breeze, and, dare I say, fun!” Finally, blogger Jonathan Giles developed and published a JavaFX menubar control which fellow JavaFX developer Jim Weaver praised and quickly installed in his BandmatesFX application.

Satisfied VirtualBox users continued to share their praise for the virtualization software this week with Chris from Canada’s Web Shop reporting that he finds VirtualBox to be “very handy in my day to day life” as it gives him access to applications he wouldn’t otherwise be able to use. A blogger on Crisis Averted! discussed VirtualBox’s dramatic evolution noting “I’m very pleased with its performance and ease of use.” Finally, a blogger from Sriram’s blog reported on his installation of VirtualBox exclaiming “it’s much, much, much better than VMWare.” After setting the system up the blogger said, “I couldn’t stop my excitement.”

Accolades for NetBeans were plentiful this week, beginning with Rafal Borowiec from GoYello IT Services who tested Eclipse with the Exadel plugin against NetBeans. He said: “All in all, my choice is NetBeans. Definitely.” A blogger at map butcher wanted to test his service solution from a Java Client and reported that he was pleasantly surprised with the performance of NetBeans, and appreciated having the ability to drag the service reference into the code. He concluded by saying: “I like both NetBeans and Metro especially over previous experiences I’ve had with Eclipse.” Finally, blogger John O’Conner conducted a poll to find which IDE developers prefer when creating JavaFX applications and found that a whopping 87% of JavaFX users prefer NetBeans IDE.


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