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Happy Holidays!!!

December 1, 2007

Reviews Interactive will have a quiet period 😉 till end of the year.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!


And if you were famous…

October 15, 2007
Ever wonder if you were famous, how would the famous catoonists draw your caricature?

The other day, Mark Herring, our senior director of marketing for and StarOffice/, pointed me to this great service by Iconize Me!.

Here is how Mark looks in our formal executive biograpgy page, and $30 later, how he got transformed by Iconize Me!.

Pretty impressive work… 😉

The day I met Jonathan

May 13, 2006
Last week I was in our Menlo Park campus hosting various visitors ahead of JavaOne (which is just around 50 hours away!!!).

On Tuesday, while going back to the conference room to collect my personal belongings after walking the visitor out of the door at our Executive Briefing Center (EBC), I saw Jonathan coming down the corridor with Noel. I think they were heading to another customer meeting in EBC.

Jonathan knows the Sun Product Reviews Program (and I am proud of the link to this blog from his blog), but we never met personally. I guess Noel sensed that, and promptly introduced me to Jonathan.

After couple of words of encouragement from him, I mastered enough courage to ask him for a photo with him. He agreed, and I started jumping up and down in joy (ok, I did that mentally 🙂 ).

Noel took the picture.

I’m going to frame it. I think it is going down the history lane… Just think of what it will mean in 10 years, 20 years from now…


Me with Jonathan